StudentVUE: Student Can't Log in to Their Account

Last modified on 04/03/2020

How office staff can help a student access their account if they can't log in.

If you have a student who can't access their StudentVUE account, the instructions below should help straighten them out. These instructions are for office staff that have access to update the "student" and StudentVUE" screens in Synergy.

1. Log in to SSAM using your e-mail user name (without the and password.

2. In the search box, enter the student's student ID number. You should see the student listed on the search result page. If not, the student is probably new and hasn't been entered into the system yet.

SSAM screen

3. Note the user name from the search results screen. 

4. Log in to Synergy and open the StudentVUE screen. Path Synergy SIS ---> Student ---> StudentVUE

5. Make sure the "StudentVUE Account Disabled" box is not checked (uncheck it if it is) and that the "User ID" is the same as the one you noted in SSAM. If it isn't, change it so it matches the user name in SSAM. For new students, the User ID field may be completely empty. If so, just enter the user name from SSAM.

StudentVUE screen

6. Save your changes and then go to the StudentVUE login page to confirm the user name and password now work. 

7. Go to the "Student" screen. Path Synergy SIS ---> Student ---> Student

8. In the "Student Information" area of the student screen, update the student's e-mail address with the user name from SSAM so they will receive e-mails sent to them through TeacherVUE. Email address should be Save this change using the "Save" button at the top of the screen. If their e-mail field is empty, fill in their user name from SSAM followed by

Student screen, e-mail area


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