Epson Projector Only Displays Background Picture

Last modified on 04/03/2020

What to do when you can't see windows or your menu bar on the image projected by your Epson (or other brand) projector.


Epson projector is only displaying your computer desktop but you can't see your windows or menu bar.


Solution for Mac OS X

You need to have the computer plugged into the projector then go to System Preferences ---> Display ---> Arrangement. Check the box for Mirror image. If you check the "show mirroring options..." box, you will get a new menubar menu for quickly turning mirroring off and on.

OS X display preference panel
macOS 10.12 screenshot

Solution for Windows 10

Press and hold the Windows key (flag icon on keyboard) then press P (think Projector). You'll get the following on your screen: 


Windows 10 display settings screenshot
Windows 10 screenshot

Choose Duplicate option instead of Extend and your projector will show what is on your screen instead of the blank background image. 



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