Synergy: Turning off a Filter

Last modified on 04/03/2020

How to disable a filter.


Synergy lets you easily create filters from the search results screen. If you are unable to "see" all students in your school when searching or running reports, chances are that you turned on a filter at some point and forgot to turn it off when done. You can tell if you are in a filtered view by checking the "funnel" icon next to the current screen name, in this case "Student." If the funnel is colored in, you are in filtered mode. If it is grey you are not filtered.

Filter icon



Follow the steps below to disable and, optionally, remove the filter.

1. Click on the funnel icon. A new window will appear within the main Synergy window. In the picture below, one filter is active.

Filter list

2. Deactivate the filter(s) by unchecking the box with a check mark Check box in it.  

3. Click the "Save" button to deactivate the filter(s). The funnel icon should now be grey, indicating that there are no active filters.

filter off icon

4. OPTIONAL: To remove a filter you no longer need, disable it first, save and then and click the filter X icon icon. Click "Save" to remove the filter.


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