Grade Book: Assigning a Modified Grade Scale to Individual Students

Last modified on 04/03/2020

How to apply a modified grade scale to individual students.

This article will show you how to apply a modified grade scale to individual students in your class. This is helpful for students who are on an IEP. Note: The modified marks (AM, BM, CM etc) are already available when editing grades for posting to the report card so the steps below are not required unless you want the modified mark to show up on progress reports and Parent/StudentVUE. 


1. Go to Grade Book ---> Grade Book Setup and then click on the "Report Card Score Types" button in the button bar.

grade book setup menu item

report card score types button

2. On the "Report Card Score Types" screen, locate the the "GenesisGrading" score type and duplicate it. It is very important that you select the GenesisGrading score type and no others when copying.

genesisgrading score type with the "duplicate" link highlighted
You will be asked to confirm afer clicking the "Duplicate" link

3. When the page reloads, scroll to the bottom of the page to find "GenesisGrading (Copy)" and click on the title

copy of genesisgrading


4. Give your duplicated grade scale a new name that makes sense, "Modified Grading Scale" for example and click the "save" link.

Renaming the duplicated grade scale

5. Click on the "x" icon to delete all of the rows except the following: AM, BM, CM, DM, FM. Save your changes. Note: If you are using a modified pass/fail grade scale, delete all rows except "PM" and "FM"

Delete icon

6. Click the "Edit" button edit button and enter the desired range for each letter grade... AM, BM, CM, etc.. There can be no gaps in this scale so the high score for a particular grade must be within a hundredth of the low score for the next grade up. In the example below, the "High Score" value (79.99) for the "BM" is within a hundredth of the "Low Score" value (80.00) for the "AM"

Click the green "Save" button when done. In the example below, this grade scale will take a 72% and make it a “BM” or a 84% and make it an "AM." 
The low and high scores in the picure below are not intended as recommended values but are simply there to illustrate the process. Please use your own values.


grade scale

7. Open the "Final Grade Config" screen.

final grade config menu item

4. On the Final Grade Config screen, "Final Grade  Setup" tab, locate the students(s) that you want to assign your modified grade scale to and select the modified scale you created for all grading periods using the pulldown menus.

student grade scale selection

5. Click the "Save" button.


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