Printing Labels in Microsoft Word for Mac Using Data Exported From Synergy

Last modified on 04/03/2020

How to take report data exported to Excel from Synergy and print labels using Microsoft Word for the Mac.

Exporting Data From Synergy

1. Open the report you want to pull data from, STU201 (student profile) for example. If exporting from a TeacherVUE report, select TXT as the report output and skip steps 2-4.

2. Make the desired selections on the "Options" tab and then click on the "Sort/Output" tab. 

3. Change the output from PDF to Excel. Note: you can also export search results to Excel.

4. Click the "Print" button.


Checking Excel

When you open the document in Excel, you will see that each cell in the first row contains "header" information that describes the content of that column, "Addressee," "AddressLine1" etc.

Excel label export

Setting up Labels in Microsoft Word

1. Open Word and in the "Tools" menu, select "Labels."

Word tools menu

2. In the new window that opens, click the "Options..." button and choose the label type you will be using, most likely Avery5160. Click the "Mail Merge..." button at the bottom of the window.

label selection 

3. You will be taken to your Word document with a floating "Mail Merge Manager" window. Step one is already complete, so click on the grey triangle next to step two to open it up. Click on "Get List" and then "Open Data Source..." Find and open the Excel spreadsheet you downloaded from Synergy.

Mail merge manager window

4. In the new "Edit Labels" window that opens, use the "Insert Merge Field" pulldown menu to add the data you want from the Excel spreadsheet, adding spaces and line breaks as desired. In the example below I added the student first and last name, the student ID and their grade. Since the <<Grade> field just displays a number, I wrote the word "grade" in front of it to provide context. Click "OK" when done. All of the label cells in your word document should now have the fields you added in the "Edit Labels" window.

adding fields to label


populated label page


5. In the "Preview Results" area (section 5 of the mail merge manager window) you can click the ABC button to preview your merged data. Merge preview button

6. If everything looks good, click the printer icon in "Complete Merge" area (section 6 of the mail merge manager window) to send your labels to the printer. Printer icon Your print dialogue window may make it look like you will only get a single page printed, but you should get all pages when you click the print button.


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