Grade Book: Posting Grades For Students with no Assignments

Last modified on 04/03/2020

How to post grades for students that have no assignments. Examples include: teacher assistants (TAs), "rendezvous" or "hawk time" classes.

This article will show you how to give a Pass or Fail grade to a TA or other student who has no graded assignments in the Grade Book. With the process below, there is no need to create an assignment, you can just post their grade to the report card. This entire process is handled through TeacherVUE. You will NOT go to the Report Card ---> Students screen to post. Grades entered using the method below will show up on the report card, but not in the StudentVUE/ParentVUE grade book.


1.) Log in to your TA section in TeacherVUE

2.) Select the "View Grades" menu item in the "Home" menu.

home menu with view grades menu item selected

3.) In the new window that opens, click on the "Edit" button. The edit button will only display while the grading window is open. In the picture below "Quarter 1" is for example purposes only. You may see a different grading period. 


4.) Select your P or F grade from the pulldown menu and, optionally, comment codes from the comment pulldown menus. Do not fill out the "Absent" and "Tardy" fields.

pulldown menu for assigning grades on the view grades screen

5.) Click the green "Save" button when done. Clicking the save button will post your grade. Unlike your traditional classes, you do not go to the Report Card ---> Students screen to post.

green save button




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