Grade Book: Resolving Issues After Deleting an Assignment Type

Last modified on 04/03/2020

What to do if you deleted an assignment type that was used by assignments and/or an assignment weighting scale.


This article describes how to recover from accidentally deleting an assignment type. If you haven't deleted an assignment type, please do not do so! Unfortunately, the grade book does not warn users when they are about to delete an assignment type that is being used by assignments or by an assignment weighting scale. 



There are two symptoms that indicate you have deleted an assignment type that was in use. The first, definite indicator is that, when looking at your main grade book screen, you see "DELETED - " for an assignment instead of an assignment type. The first assignment in the screen shot below has a type of "Homework Assignment," the second assignment is using the deleted "Oral Activity" assignment type.

deletedassignment type

The second symptom is that the assignment type is no longer available when creating new assignments. 


Restoring a Deleted Assignment Type

1. Go to the Grade Book Setup screen from the Grade Book menu

2. Click on the "Assignment Types" button.

assignment types button

3. Click the "Options" button and check the box that says "Show Hidden." This will make your deleted assignment type reappear in the list.

options button slider window with the "show hidden" checkbox checked

4. Click on the pencil icon to edit your deleted assignment type.

edit icon for deleted assignment type


5. Click in the "Assignment Type" field and add and then immediately delete a space on your assignment type name. Making any change, even if you immediately undo it, will change the "Cancel" button to a "Save" button. 

6. Click on the green "Save" button. This will "un-delete" your assignment type. You can verify this by returning to the main grade book screen.

main grade book screen showing restores activity type


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