Grade Book: Changing Assignment Grading Periods in Bulk

Last modified on 04/03/2020

How to add terms (Quarter 1, Semester 1 etc) to assignments so they are used when calculating a grade for the desired periods.


You created assignments but forgot to select all of the grading periods that you want that assignment to apply to. One example would be creating an assignment in Quarter 1, but forgetting to check the Q2/S1 checkbox. In this situation, the assignment would only count towards the Quarter 1 grade and would have no impact on the Q2/S1 grade. Now you have so many assignments that going back and editing each of them manually would be cumbersome.



Grade book offers the ability to make bulk changes to assignments on the "Assignments" screen. Follow the steps below to check the terms associated with all of your assignments and, if needed, add the desired terms to your assignments all in one place.

If you are doing term weighting, do not use the instructions below. Instead, refer to the instructions in the term weighting article. (article link)


1.) In your grade book, go to Grade Book ---> Assignments

2.) On the assignments screen, click on the "Grading Periods" tab. Select "<<ALL>>" from the Grading Period pulldown menu. Change the Page Size pulldown menu to "50 Assignments." If you have more than 50 assignments you will need to page through them when setting your terms. Check the "Show All Periods" checkbox. 

Assignment screen, grading period and page size pulldown menus

3.)  You will see a list of your assignments and columns for each available grading period. Click the checkboxes to add the desired grading period to the assignments you want or use the "All" checkbox under the grading period name to add the desired grading period to all assignments. If you did not increase the "Page Size" in step 2, depending on the number of assignments you have, you may need to repeat this step on a second (third etc) page of assignments.

Depending on how your school's terms are set up you will see choices similar to the ones below.


4.) Click the "Save Grading Periods" button when done.



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