Synergy: Mailing Labels & Long Names

Last modified on 04/03/2020

Addresses the issue of long names getting cut of of various label reports.

Dealing with Long Names in Labels

When you print a lablel that has a long student or parent name on it, the name may be too long to fit on its line. Follow the steps below to lower the font size so the name will fit.


1.) After setting up your report parameters on the main tab, open the "Label Setup" tab.

2.) On the label setup tab look for a "Scale Fields" checkbox and a "Font Size (in pts)" text field.

font scaling area

3.) Check the box and enter a number in the field. Try starting with 9. 

4.) Print your report and see if the names all fit. If not, go back to the report and reduce the font size by 1 and try again. Repeat until you get all of your names to fit.


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