Elementary Report Card: Using The Grading Wizard

Last modified on 04/03/2020

Step by step instructions for entering grades into the elementary report card by individual student using a step by step wizard.


This article covers the "wizard" method of entering grades for students, clicking through report card rows one student at a time. If you prefer the classic mode where you see the entire report card for a student, please refer to this article


Grading by Individual Student - "Wizard" Mode

1. From TeacherVUE, go to the Report Card ---> Students‚Äč menu.

report card students menu

2. Near the top of the screen you will see an "Options" area. Click on this and set the report card entry mode to "Wizard," not "Classic." Click on a student name to start entering grades. A new grade entry window will open for that student.

Report card >> Students screen, options menu with report card entry mode set to "wizard"

3. On the grade entry screen, you will see report card items listed on the left. The currently selected report card item is highlighted in darker blue. On the right side you will see a set of available marks (grades) as buttons. Clicking on a button assigns the selected mark and automatically advances you to the next report card item. You can also click on individual report card items on the list if you only have a few marks to enter or don't want to move through the list sequentially. 

If you have assignments feeding into a particular report card item, you will see calculated marks (in red) based on different calculation methods: power law, last score, highest score etc. that you can use as a reference when entering marks. You would also see a list of those assignments below.

report card wizard grade entry

4. If you are on a report card item that already has a score entered, the button will be highlighted in dark blue. Scores for selected items (for current and past terms) will appear in the "Existing Scores" area.

highlighted score

5. Scores are automatically saved as you enter them so there is no "save" button. When you have finished entering grades for the student, use the back/next student buttons near the top of the screen or click on the "Return to Student Roster" link to return to your class list.

return to student roster link

6. Comments are not included in the report card wizard. To add comments, follow the instructions in our Adding Comments knowledgebase article


Important Note: The step below covering marking grades complete is only for homeroom teachers. If you are not grading your homeroom class, you are now done entering grades. 


7. Homeroom Teachers: When the report card has been completed, it is time to mark the report card as complete and select the report card language for your students. Go to the Report card ---> Students menu. Use the right facing arrows to mark individual students as complete or use the "Mark all complete" button to mark all students as complete. In the "Report Cards Complete" area you can use the left facing arrows or the "Mark all not complete" button to mark students as not complete. Music, PE and ELL teachers will report directly to the front office when their marks are complete, so you do not need to wait for them.


grade book >> students screen with buttons for marking students complete highlighted

7. OPTIONAL: On the Report Card ---> Students screen, click on the "View Report Cards" button with the creepy eye near the top of the page. On the new page that opens you will be able to generate a PDF of the report cards for your entire class using the "Generate Class Report Cards" button. You can review this PDF to make sure there are no missing grades. If you find students who are missing grades, you can mark them as not complete as described in step 6.

view report cards button

8. Congratulations, you are done entering grades for your students!


Switching Classes

For homeroom teachers who also have a reading or math class assigned, or for music & PE specialists who have multiple classes assigned, you will need to switch classes to enter grades for those students. You can switch classes from the class switcher pulldown menu, pictured below.

home link in navigation bar


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