Grade Book: Setting Up Term Weighting

Last modified on 04/03/2020

How to set up your grade book for term weighting instead of cumulative grading.

Depending on how your school is set up, you may have two choices for how your final semester grades are calculated: cumulative or by term weighting.

  1. Cumulative - Scores earned during Q1 are added to those earned in Q2/S1. The final grade reflects the total points earned in both terms divided by the total points possible. If used, assignment weighting will impact this calculation.
  2. Term Weighting (this article) - Scores earned in Q1 & Q2 are each calculated separately and the teacher can define the weighting of each term to calculate the final grade. The Q1 and Q2 grades, along with a final exam grade (optional), are all given a percentage value to determine to the final grade calculated for a course. A typical setup might be Q1 = 40% Q2 = 40% and Final Exam = 20%. This article outlines the steps for setting up term weighting.

Note: Do not use Progress Periods to set Term Weighting. Term weighting should only be set for the final grading period. 


Checklist for Term Weighting 

1. If you set up a custom grade scale, apply that grade scale to all grading periods: This will ensure that your grades are calculated correctly.

Under the "Grade Book" menu, select the "Final Grade Config" menu option. In the new window that opens, select the "Final Grade Defaults" tab. Select your custom grade scale for all grading periods and click the "Save & Apply To All Students" button.

Final grade defaults screen. Selecting scales for each term.

2. Make sure each assignment counts for only one grading period: Each assignment should only count for one grading period, typically the one in which the assignment was due.

Go to the "Assignments" screen.
grade book menu with assignments submenu selected 

Set the Grading Period pulldown menu to "ALL" and the Page Size menu to "50." If you have more than 50 assignments you will need to page through them when checking your terms.

grading period and page size pulldown menus on the assignment screen

Select the "Grading Periods" tab and make sure that each assignment is only associated with one grading period. Make sure there is only one grading period selected for each assignment. For example, assignments for Q1 only have the grading period "Quarter 1" selected, your Final Exam assignment has only the "Semester 1 Exam" term selected. The "Semester 1 column should have no boxes checked. This will be calculated based on settings you will make below. There should only be one box selected per row.

 Note: The grading period names (Quarter 1, Semester 1 and Semester 1 Exam) may be different in your grade book. If you do not have a separate Semester 1 column, please see the setup instructions for cumulative grading.


3. Set up term weighting: Decide and set the percentage value associated with each term.

From the Report Card menu, select "Term Weighting"
report card menu with term weighting menu item selected

Click the semester grading (not progress) term for which you want to set term weighting. Then check the grading terms in the sub menu that you will use to calculate the semester grade. Note: do not set a semester weight in the sub menu. In the "Semester 1 Example" below, Quarter 1 and Quarter 2 each contribute 40% to the final grade and the Semester 1 Exam contributes 20%.

term weighting screen with Semester 1 weighting set up
Semester 1 Example
Semester 2 Example


Select any additional classes you want to apply these settings to using the checkboxes and then click the green "Update" button. The screen will refresh to reflect your new setup.



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