Changing The Login Password on Your Mac

Created on 01/30/2014
Modified on 01/10/2017
How to change the login password on your Mac.

All Mac laptops and desktops in our district require an account name and login password. This article will show you how to change your login password. For convenience, you can make this the same as your email password, but this optional.

 1. Go to the Apple menu in the top left corner of your screen and select the "System Preferences..." 

Apple menu with the system preferences menu item selected

2. In the System Preferences window that opens, Click on Users & Groups icon.

System preferences screen, users and groups icon

3. To make changes, click on the Lock in lower left conner of window. Type your current teacher password.
4. Click on your account in the "Current User" area.
5. Click  "Change Password"  
6. Type your current password in the "old password" field
7. Enter your new password.*  Enter your new password again to Verify it.
8. Click Change Password to save.
*Please note:  If you change your email password in the future and want your Mac Computer Login password to be the same, you will need to reset your computer account password  as listed above.           


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