Password Change Policy

Last modified on 04/03/2020

How to change your TTSD password on a Mac or PC.

In order to improve the security of various systems, we have implemented a password change policy that will require you to periodically change your password. We will send email reminders 30, 15 and 7 days before your password expires, so you can change your password before then.

There are two possible methods for changing your password:

  1. On Mac and Windows: use the trouble ticket system to change your password (instructions)
  2. On Windows only: Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete, and then click Change a password...

Your password must meet these minimum requirements:  

  • It cannot be a password you have used in the past 5 password changes,
  • It must be 8 characters long 

If your password expires before you change it, you may notice some error messages related to passwords in the systems that use it. Please take a look at our password expired articles for information on what to expect and how to resolve your password expiration.


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