Grade Book: Transferring Student Assignment Scores

Last modified on 04/03/2020

How to transfer scores when a student moves to a different section taught by the same teacher.


The grade book provides a process for transferring student assignment scores when a students moves to a different section taught by the same teacher. This article will walk you through the process.

Important: This process will only work if the student was properly "end dated" from the original class. If the student was deleted from the class, their assignment scores are gone.


1. Open TeacherVUE and go to the section the student is entering. 

2. Go to the Grade Book menu and select the "Student Score Transfer" menu item.

grade book menu with the "student score transfer" menu item selected

3. On this screen, you will see three pulldown menus: "Copy From Class," "To Class" and "Student." You will see all of your classes listed here, including from previous terms. The "Student" menu will read <<No Matching Students>> until you select from and to sections that match the move made by the student. Once you see <<Select>> in the student pulldown menu, select the student whose scores you want to transfer, or select the "All Matching Students" option.

student score transfer screen: copy from to and student pulldown menus

4. In the "Assignments" area you will see a list of "copy from" assignments from the student's original class and the assignments in the destination class that the grade book believes match. Review this information and use the pulldown menus to: 

  • Change the destination assignment for the scores
  • Create a new assignment in the destination class based on the copy from assignment
  • Exclude an assignment from score transfer

student score transfer screen, assignment selection area
Matching assignments found in the target grade book.

list of assignments and pulldown menus with the "add assignment" option selected
Matching assignment not found in target grade book. Since the "Add Assignment" option is selected, a new assignment
will be created based on the source grade book.


5. After reviewing the list of assignments, click the "Copy Student Scores" button. Review the confirmation message and click the "Continue With Copy" button.

Student score transfer confirmation screen with a summary of the information being transferred.

6. Return to the main grade book screen and confirm that the scores have transferred.


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