Transferring Grade Book Marks to the Elementary Report Card

Last modified on 04/03/2020

How to transfer calculated marks from your grade book to the elementary report card. Instructions for Homeroom, Music, PE, ELL & Reading Teachers.



This article will show you how to transfer marks calculated from grade book assignment scores to the report card. Only homeroom teachers and specialists (Music, PE, ELL & Reading) will be able to use the Report Card Preview - Standards screen to transfer marks to the report card. If you use the grade book for a math class, the homeroom teacher will see the calculated marks and will be responsible for transferring them to the report card. Follow up with the homeroom teacher to make sure they do so.

Homeroom, Music, PE, ELL & Reading Teachers

After signing in to Synergy, homeroom, music, PE and reading teachers will be taken to their class or to the class selection screen in TeacherVUE. ELD teachers will need to get in to TeacherVUE by selecting the bell icon for TeacherVUE icon in the top left corner of the Synergy home page.

Homeroom Teachers - With your grade level team, set a timeline for when all grade book assignments should be scored for homeroom and math groups. This will let you know when you can transfer all calculated student marks from the grade book to the report card.

  • Music, PE, ELL and Reading teachers can skip this step.

Elementary Report Card Articles

Getting Started Articles

To Transfer Marks

1. Open the Report Card Preview - Standards screen.

Report card menu with the report card preview - standards menu item selected.
Note: the old  "Report Card Preview" menu item
will be removed starting in the 19-20 school year.


2. The Report Card Preview - Standards screen functions in the same way as the old Report Card Preview screen you may be familiar with, but the layout is simply a list of all report card standards without the content area headings. Just like the old Report Card Preview screen, transferring all student marks to the report card will overwrite any corresponding marks already on the report card. Transfer all student marks from this screen before making any manual adjustments to individual student marks.

report card preview - standards screen showing standards and calculated marks.
Click image to enlarge in a new window/tab.

Report card preview - standards screen showing calculated marks and marks that have been transferred already
If you return to this screen after transferring marks, you will
see those marks to the right of the pulldown menus.


3. Click the green "Transfer all student marks..." button at the top of the screen. You will see a warning message about overwriting existing marks. Since you haven't entered or adjusted any student marks yet, it is safe to continue.

warning message about transferred marks overwriting existing marks. Cancel and OK butons

Rubric Key

Mark Meaning
4 Exceeding Standard
3 Meeting Standard
2 Approaching Standard
2 Below Standard


Successful Learner Key

Mark Calculated Mark
C Consistently
O Often
S Sometimes
R Rarely

4. When you go to the Report Card --> Students screen, you will see your transferred marks. 

Report card students screen showing transferred marks.

5. Clicking on the blue numbers will open a new window showing you the individual scores that contributed to the calculation. You can use the pulldown menus on the right to manually adjust student marks as usual.

floating window showing individual scores for a standard across three different assignments.

6. Complete your report cards, using the Report Card Students screen of the Report Card Matrix screen.


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