Grade Book: Printing your Grade Book

Last modified on 04/03/2020

How to print a copy of your grade book with assignments and scores for your records.

March 2017 update:
The Synergy grade book, and this report, now show both calculated and, when different, manually overridden grade. 


Printing your Grade Book

This article covers how to print a copy of your grade book for your records. If you manually overrode a student's grade before posting grades, the calculated grade will show in parenthesis after the posted grade.


1. Open your grade book and click on the "Grade Book Reports" button button

grade book reports button

2. In the window that opens, select the "Print Grade Book" report from the pulldown list, check the "Run report for selected classes" button and then select the classes you need using the checkboxes below. Click the "Run Report" button. Your grade book report will be generated as a PDF. 

Grade book reports window with "print grade book" menu selected.

3. Portion of a sample report below.

Print grade book report output


Example of calculated grade that was overridden
In this example, the teacher overrode the grade
book calculated C and gave the student a B.



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