Projector connection Mac OSX using a VGA cable

Last modified on 04/03/2020

How to connect your standard projector to your Mac using a VGA cable

1. Connect VGA cable    to your VGA adapter (dongle)  and connect the adapter (dongle) to your Mac.


2. You can connect this VGA cable directly to the projector, or to a jack on the wall if you have a mounted projector.

  • If you have a document camera, you may connect it in a way that you can switch back and forth between the projector and doc cam.  To set it up this way, connect this VGA cable from your computer to the VGA connection on the left on your document camera   ,   then connect a 2nd VGA from the VGA port on the right to your projector, or wall jack.
  • Switch back and forth between them using the Source button.   


3. On your Mac, go to Apple > System Preferences          In System preferences           choose Displays     


4. Click on the Arrangement Tab        And check the Mirror Displays box.        


That should do it!  If you are not getting the Arrangement tab, that would indicate that something is wrong with your connection, either the dongle, or cable. See if you can borrow one from a co-worker and see if that one works. Submit a tech request if you need further assistance with the projector connection.


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