TeacherVUE: Attendance Key is Blocking List Cells

Last modified on 04/03/2020

What to do when taking attendance by list and the summary area on the right is blocking the table cells for marking attendance.


Elementary teachers are finding that when taking attendance by list, the floating summary area on the right is blocking access to marking attendance for the current day. This is pictured below.

Attendance by list screen with summary area blocking some attendance cells.

Solution 1

Hover your mouse over the floating class information box on the right side of your screen. On the left side of this box you will see a tab for showing or hiding this box. Click once to hide the box. You can click a second time to show the box again if desired.

class information box with the show/hide triangle highlighted


Solution 2

At the bottom of the floating summary area you will see an "Attendance List Configuration" area. Change the "calendar display order" to Ascending. This will place the current date right next to the student name as pictured below. With the current date right next to the student name, you are also less likely to mark attendance for the wrong student.

Attendance list configuration area with pulldown for selecting date sort order

Attendance by list with the current date next to the student name



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