Grade Book: Instructions for Elementary ELL, PE & Music Specialists

Last modified on 04/03/2020

How to use the Synergy grade book as an elementary ELL, music or PE specialist.

The grade book allows you to create and score assignments and then have those scores feed into your section of the report card. The grade book will handle calculating marks based on the scores you entered but you always have the option to override the calculated mark if you want. Click here to learn how grade book calculates marks for the report card.

This article will walk you through the process of creating and scoring assignments. It will also show you how to take an assignment from one class and push it out to other classes to save time. In this article, we used a PE specialist as the example, but the process will be the same for music specialists. The report card correlations would be different for music of course.


Adding an Assignment

1. Click on the Grade Book menu and select the "New Assignment menu item.

grade book menu with the new assignment menu item selected

2. On the top half of the assignment creation screen you will fill out several pieces of information about the assignment. You will also see a summary of existing assignments on the left.

  • Assignment Name - choose a name that makes sense to you.
  • Description - optional, for your reference.
  • Category - choose a category. "Test" may be a logical choice.
  • Score Type - select "Raw Score."
  • Max Score & Points - set "max score" and "points" both to the same number. In the example above, I am scoring students on a 10 point scale. You can set this to any number you like to match you scoring system.
  • Date of Assignment - will default to the current day. You may want to set it to the date you gave the assessment. Assignments will sort by this date on your main grade book screen.
  • Assignment Category - leave on normal.
  • Parent Portal - StudentVUE and ParentVUE are turned off by default for elementary. If it was turned on, this would give you control over whether or not the assignment showed in StudentVUE and ParentVUE.

3. On the bottom half of the new assignment screen, you will see several tabs. The "Report Card Correlations" tab will show you your area of the report card. In the example below, I have checked two boxes so the scores from this assignment will feed into those two areas of the report card.

  • Report Card Correlations - check the boxes that match the report card area you want this assignment to feed into. You can check one or more boxes. Note: The "All" checkbox is for classrooms that cover more than one grade. In this situation, you would see a column for each grade level. Checking the "All" box would assign the report card item to all grades in the class. 
  • Standards Correlations - not used
  • Grading Periods - defaults to current quarter. If you are setting up assignments for future quarters, select them on this tab. Change the "Date of Assignment" date (above) to fall within the quarter you select.
  • Resources - not used

4. Click the green "Save Assignment" button. You will be taken back you your maingrde book screen.

Save assignment button


Copying Assignment to Other Sections

Once you have created an assignment in one class, you have the option to copy that assignment to other classes. You can also use this process to copy assignments from previous school years. Below we will cover the process using the example first grade assignment.

1. From the Grade Book menu, select the "Copy Assignments" menu item. A new screen will appear.

grade book menu with the copy assignments menu item selected

2. On the "Copy From:" screen, select the assignments you want to copy and then click the "Next" button in the lower right corner.

copy assignments - copy from screen with assignments listed

3. On the "Copy To:" screen, select the classes you want to copy the assignments to. In the example below, the assignment will be copied to 3 other 1st grade classes. Click the "Next" button in the lower right corner.


4. On the "Date Options" screen, you have the option to keep the dates from the original assignments or change them. If you select the "I'll edit the dates..." radio button, you will be presented with a calendar for changing the dates. Click the green "Finish" button when done.

copy assignmets screen, date options area


Grading Assignments by Student

1. If you are not on the main grade book screen, go to the Grade Book menu and select the "Grade Book Main" menu item.

2. Click on the table cell for the student and assignment you want to score and type in the score. Scores will appear red until they are saved. The yellow highlighting is to help you track the assignment and student you are currently scoring. The tab key on your keyboard will move the cursor to the right to score the next assignment for that student. The enter/return key will move the cursor down to score the next student for the same assignment.

main grade book screen, entering scores in the table cells.

3. Click the "Save Changes button in the top right corner of your screen to save your scores. They will now turn black, indicating they are saved. If a student earned less than 50% of the possible score for the assignment, you will see a red down arrow alerting you to this fact.

maingrade book screen, green save changes button

Note: After you save scores for the first time, you will see numbers in the "Grade" column of the grade book. This column is specific to secondary classrooms that have an overall class grade and should be ignored. You can hide the class grade column by clicking on the "Filters & Options" button and checking the "Hide Class Grade" checkbox.

Filters & options button


Grading Assignments by Class

1. If you are not on the main grade book screen, go to the Grade Book menu and select the "Grade Book Main" menu item.

2. Click on the assignment name. A menu will appear. Select "Enter Scores" from this menu. You will be taken to a score entry screen.

3. You can click and enter scores as before, but now have the option to push down a score to all students using the green down arrow.

  • Clicking on the green arrow one time will push that score down to any students below that don't already have a score.
  • Clicking on the green arrow a second time will push down that score to all students below, overwriting any previously entered grades. If you do this by mistake, you can use the "Cancel/Return to Grade Book" button to exit without saving.

4. On this screen, you also have the option to exclude a student from the assignment and enter public or private notes. These are generally geared to secondary teachers, but you may find them useful.

5. When done, click on the "Save/Return to Grade Book" button. If you want to save your scores, but stay on the score entry screen, click on the "Save" button.

save buttons on the score entry screen


Transfer Marks to the Report Card

Music, PE and ELL teachers are responsible for their respective areas of the report card. When the grading window opens, you will be able to use the "Report Card Preview" screen to transfer the calculated marks to the report card for all of the students in your classes. The article linked below will walk you through the process.




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