Giving Flash Access to your Microphone

Last modified on 04/03/2020

How to give Flash access to your microphone for voice recording or screencasting services.

Some sites may need to access your microphone to provide a service like voice recording or screencasting. Some examples could include Audio Boom and Vocaroo. The first time you visit the site and try to use the service, you may see a dialog window like the one pictured below asking for microphone access. This article will show you how to grant access to your computer's built in microphone on a one time or permanent basis. Before doing so, make sure the site is a trusted one.


Granting Web Sites Access

To grant a web site site one time access to your microphone & camera, simply click the "Allow" button. The next time you visit the site to use the service, you will be prompted to grant access again.

web site with dialog window asking for microphone access

To grant a web site permanent access to your microphone & camera, right-click (Windows) or control-click (Mac) in the dialog window and select "Settings" from the menu that appears.


Next, select the "Allow" radio button and check the "Remember" check box. Click the "close" button.

Flash player settings screen with "allow" and "remember" settings selected



Confirm & Review Access

To review which sites have access to your camera and microphone, open System Preferences and select the Flash Player preference panel. 

apple menu with the "system preferences" menu item selected


Click on the "Camera and Mic" button and then the "Camera and Microphone Settings by Site..." button. 

Flash player preference panel, camera & mic section

Sites that have requested access will be listed, along with their curent access setting. Click on the current setting to change it. Options are "Allow" "Ask Me" and "Block." Click the "close" button when done.

flash player preference panel, microphone settings by site area



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