Grade Book: Making Sure "Missing" Assignments are Scored at Zero

Created on 12/15/2014
Modified on 03/07/2017
How to make sure that a student receives a score of zero when you enter the "missing" comment for the assignment.

This article will show you how to make sure that students will receive a score of zero when you enter the "Missing" comment code (Mi) for the assignment. 


1. From the Grade Book menu select the "Grade Book Setup" menu item.

grade book menu with grade book setup selected

2. On the Grade Book Setup screen, click on the "Grade Book Comments" button in the button bar.

grade book setup screen with grade book comments highlighted

3. On the Grade Book Comments screen, look at the "Missing" comment row. If the "Not Scored Value" column is empty for the "Missing" comment, as pictured below, you will need to edit the comment to add the zero.

grade book comments screen

4. Mouse over the "Missing" comment row and click on the pencil icon to enter edit mode.


5. In the "Not Scored Value" column, enter a zero.


6. Click the green "Save" button.

7. You may get the two messages shown below. If you do, click "OK" and then the green save button again.


8. The screen should refresh and you should see a zero under the "Not Scored Value" column for the "Missing" comment.


9. Return to your main grade book screen. If you are not displaying comment codes, turn this on from the "Filters & Options" screen.

10. Re-enter the "Mi" comment code for all students that don't have a zero with the missing (Mi) comment code.

11. Save your changes.


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