Grade Book: Loading Course Aligned Standards

Last modified on 04/03/2020

How to quickly load all course aligned standards for each of your sections.

You now have the ability to load all of the standards associated with your current section with just one click. Important to remember:

  • Only course aligned standards will print on the report card.
  • Standards mode must be on for standards to print on the report card. Review grade book setup instructions if necessary.
  • You will need to go through the process below for all of your sections, even if it is the same course. It is best to do this at the start of each school year so you don't need to think about it again.


1. From the Grade Book menu, select the "Set Up Class Standards" menu item.

grade book menu with the "set up class standards" menu item selected

2. On the screen that loads, you will see any existing standards that you have brought into the class already. In the first picture below, no standards have been brought in yet. Click on the "Load Standards from Course Alignment" link to load the standards associated with the current course.

Before loading standards


grade book set up class standards screen with standards now loaded
After loading standards

3. Verify that the method of calculating the overall standard score (from individual scores) is set the way you want. On this screen, the calculation method is called "Agg Method." Click the Edit button to make any needed changes. 

4. Use the class switcher (pictured in step 2) to switch classes and load standards for your remaining classes for the year. You will need to load standards for any new class added mid-year. 

5. Now, when you create a new assignment or edit an existing one, all of your course aligned standards will be available for selection without having to search for them first.

standards area of new/edit assignment screen
New assignment/edit assignment screen showing course aligned standards



  • No Standards Load - If nothing happens when you click the "Load standards..." link, verify you are in the correct section. Some sections like TA or Rendezvous will not have course aligned standards.
  • Wrong Standards Load - If standards load for your course, but not the standards you expected, please check the T&L Reporting Standards" page to verify which standards should be loadingIf the standards that loaded are different from the ones listed on the C&I web site, please submit a tech request with the specific course that is having issues. 

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