Grade Book: Changing the Calculation Method for Standards

Created on 03/17/2015
Modified on 01/03/2017
How to change the calculation method for standards already in your class.

On our Using Standards At The Secondary Level knowledgebase article, we covered how to set the calculation method for standards you bring into your class. Changing this setting will not impact standards already in your class. This article will show you how to change the setting for standards already in your class.


1. Go to the Grade Book ---> Set Up Class Standards screen

grade book menu, set up class standards menu item

2. On the set up class standards screen, click the pencil icon to edit a single standard or the "Edit" button to edit several standards at once.

set up standards screen with pencil icon and edit buttons highlighted
Select "Edit" button or pencil icon to edit standards

3. In edit mode, you will be able to change the calculation method (called "Agg method" on this screen) for your standards. As soon as you make a change, you will see a green "Save" button next to the cancel button. Save your changes.

set up class standards screen in edit mode

4. Your grade book should recalculate your overall standards scores based on your new settings. If you don't see the new calculation, you can try two things:

  • Log out and back in to Synergy
  • Go to Grade Book ---> Grade Book Setup and click on the green "Update" button.

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