Google Classroom: Adding a Teacher to your Class

Created on 04/21/2015
Modified on 03/15/2017
How to add another teacher to your class in Google Classroom.

1.) After logging in to your class, click on "About"

Google classroom with "about" button highlighted

2. On the left side of the "about" page, click on the "Invite Teacher" button

Google Classroom about page with "invite teacher" button highlighted.

3. Search your contacts for a teacher to add. If the teacher is not already in your contacts, you will need to add them first. Click here to access your Google contacts. After locating and selecting the teacher, click the blue "Next" button.

Google classroom, select teacher to invite screen

4. Confirm your selection.

Google classroom, teacher invite confirmation

5. Your about page will now show the teacher as being invited. You can click on the three vertical dots to remove the teacher from the class if needed.

Google classroom "about" page showing invited teacher.           Google classroom showing two teachers under class name



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