TWO Ways to Start a Google Meet

Last modified on 05/21/2020

Google Meet is a Google service that allows for virtual meetings & chat. This article shows you how to start or join a Meet.



What is Google Meet?

Google Hangouts? Hangouts Meet? Google Meet?
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Google Hangouts 
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Google Meet, Also called
"Hangouts Meet" in some places
Not used in TTSD, Use Google Meet instead. The video conferencing service we use to connect with students and other staff members.

Google Meet sessions (i.e. Conferencing) are a great way to connect with others who are far away.  "Meets" are virtual meetings (for up to 100 attendees) that allow you to see and hear one another, share screens, chat and even record your sessions. Google Meet is available for all TTSD staff and students at this time.

 Details for appropriate use of Google Meets can be found here: TTSD Communication Guidelines, page 5.


Option 1: Google Calendar Event with "Meet" Invitations

Create the Event:

1. Open using your TTSD calendar event window with "add guests" and "join with google mert" areas highlighted

2. Create a new calendar event:

  • Click on the date and time of your new event to create.
  • Give your event a title & adjust date/time. Important: Students will be able to join this Meet at any time during this window with or without you, so be sure to join before students and stay in the meet until the last student is out and the event timeframe has passed.
  • Paste a list of student email addresses into the "Add guests" area. You can generate a list of student email addresses from TeacherVUE
  • Click the "Add Google Meet video conferencing" button.

3. Click "Save." You will be prompted to send the invite by email.

4. You may get a warning about "inviting guests from outside your organization." This is because students are not on the domain and is fine. Click "Invite external guests."

5. Student will receive a calendar invite via email. It will also show up for them on and in the iPad Meet App. See picture below.


Join an Event (students)

Chromebooks - Web based

google meet from student perspective showing the Friday class meeting 1. Visit in your browser.

2. You will see a list of your upcoming meets for the day. Open the Meet by clicking on the name.

3. If prompted, click "Accept" to give Google Meet access to your microphone and your camera.

4. Click "Join now"

iPads - Meet App

1. Open the Meet app on your iPad.

2. You will see upcoming Meets at the bottom of your screen. You may need to swipe up to see them.

3. Tap the "Join" button on the far right.

4. If prompted, click "Accept" to give Google Meet access to your microphone and your camera.

meeting as seen from the Google Meet iPad app


Important Pros & Cons: See "Best Practice for Remote Conversations between Teacher & Students"



Option 2: Impromptu "Meet" - Send a "Meet" Link/URL 

Initiate the Meet:
  1. Open Meet - "join or start a meeting" button
  2. Click "Join or start a Meeting"
  3. Click "Continue" DO NOT enter a nickname! If you enter a nickname, the meeting link will expire almost immediately (even for you) when you leave the Meet.
  4. Copy the Join information into an email to send to your students or post in your Google Classroom or SeeSaw. (You must admit each attendee and "remove" them to prevent students from rejoining.)  *This link will remain active after 90 days of last use.
Join an Event (student)
  1. Open the Meet link you received via email, Google Classroom or SeeSaw.
  2. Ask to join & wait for teacher to admit you to the Meet.



Additional Information

See the "Teacher Resources for Digital Learning" document for more information



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