Assessment Module 101: Step 1 - Scheduling & Taking an Assessment

Last modified on 04/03/2020

How to schedule an assessment, have your students take the assessment, and then view the results.


The synergy assessment module provides many supports to assist teachers and their Student Achievement Teams including: 

  • Rapid creation and sharing of assessments 
  • Delivery and scoring of assessments whether online or on paper
  • Provides standards aligned questions which can be seamlessly recorded in the grade book and on the report card

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Table of Contents

Scheduling An Assessment

1. From the new "Assessment" menu, select "Assessment Grid."

Assessment menu, assessment grid menu item

2. Type the assessment name in the filters area and hit the green "apply filters" button.

Assessment grid filters area   

3. If your assessments are "grouped," adjust the two pulldown menus as pictured below.

assessment view pulldown menus with "assessments only" and "full row" selected

4. On the assessment you want, click on the "options" pulldown menu (pictured above) and select "Schedule"

Assessment options pulldown menu with "schedule" selected

5. Set student options for this schedule of the assessment. Most of the options below are self explanatory. Hover your mouse over the "i" icon icon for more detailed information on each option. Do not check the "Require Secure Browser" checkbox.

  • Setting the status to Active will give students access as soon as the scheduled date/time arrive.
  • Setting the status to Paused will let the student see the see that the assessment has been scheduled. They will not be able to view or start the assessment until you "resume" the assessment as described in step 8 below.
  • The Feedback Options pulldown menu lets you decide how much information the student receives about their performance after submitting the assessment for grading. Each option has an "i" icon icon with detailed information.

Assessment student options area

6. Use the accommodations pulldown menu to select accommodations that will be available for all students taking this assessment. You will be able to add accommodations for individual students after assigning the assessment to a section, described in step 10 below.

assessment accommodations pulldown for selecting various accommodations: mark for review, highlighter, strikeout, digital notepad, calculator, text-to-speech, text-to-speech passages


7. If you would like the assessment to generate assignment scores (all grades) and standards scores (secondary teachers) in your grade book, check the "Connect Grade book" option and adjust the assignment settings as desired. Be sure to select at least one grading period.

Scheduling screen, grade book settings area

8. Set the date & time range as desired by clicking the orange buttons. 

Scheduling screen, setting date & time ranges

9. Click the green "+ Add a Section" button to select your classes. In the floating window that appears, click the green + to schedule the assessment for that section. Click away from the floating window to close it. You will see the sections you selected.

Selecting classes

10. Click the green "Save" button near the top right to save your schedule. You will now see your classes in the bottom "Student Access" area. Clicking on the class name will cycle through the access options for the whole class. Click the + to set access for individual students. This is useful for students you know will be absent or students who need a separate modified version of the assessment. Use the pulldown menus to set accommodations for individual students and (optionally) the green box green box with up arrow to set the selected accommodations as a default for the student.

Click Save again to save your changes.

Setting class access 

list of students with pulldown menus for setting individual accommodations.

Student 2 has three accommodations set. Clicking the green box with the up arrow would set these accommodations as a global default for the student in future assessments.

11. If you set the status to "Paused" in step 3 above, visit the assessment dashboard when you are ready to give the assessment. Click the "options" menu and select "Resume Assessment"

resuming an assessment


Taking An Assessment Online

1. Have students log in to StudentVUE, either on the computer or on an iPad that has the StudentVUE app.

  • If using the StudentVUE app for the first time on an iPad, click on the gear icon on the StudentVUE login screen to access the district URL screen. The iPad app uses location services to determine the correct district URL.

2. In the "Assessment" area, students will see a list of available assessments along with the name of the teacher that scheduled the assessment. Clicking on the assessment name will open the assessment.

  • Note: If assessments are showing up in the "Messages" area on students' iPads and there is no "Assessment" area, the StudentVUE app is outdated and incompatible. Reinstall StudentVUE through the SelfService app to get the current version. 

3. Click the green "Start" button.

4. If you chose to allow navigation, students will see "previous" and "next" buttons. If not, only the next button will appear.

5. Make sure the student submits the assessment after answering the last question.

5. After submitting, if the assessment was set up to provide this access, the student will see a summary of their results. They will have the opportunity to review, but not change, any questions they got wrong. Students will not see the correct answer unless you opted to grant this feedback. If you opted to include the assessment in your grade book, a new assignment with the assessment name will be generated as soon as a student takes the assessment. Their scores will be entered as follows.

  • The "Overall Test Score" will be entered as the assignment score.
  • The percentage received on each standard will be entered as a 1-4 rubric score for that standard. (secondary teachers only)

assessment results displayed to student




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