TeacherVUE: Reports for SAT Work

Last modified on 04/03/2020

Reports in TeacherVUE that will be useful for doing SAT work.

We have added a new "Admin" menu to TeacherVUE that contains custom written reports when working in SAT groups. This article will show you how to run the reports and manipulate the results.


1. Open "Custom Reports" from the new Admin menu.

custom reports menu item

2. The list of available reports will be specific to your role and will grow over time as new reports are developed to meet specific needs. Click on the report you want to run.

Admin reports screen
Click image to enlarge.

3. Once your report loads, you can drag column headers horizontally to reorder them or up to the "Drag a column here..." area to group data by that column. You can enter text or use the pulldown menus to filter your results.

report results
Click image to enlarge.

4. In the screenshot below from the TAG report, the first and last name columns have been dragged to the far left and the data has been grouped by the program description. Clicking on the + will expand that area.

TAG report results grouped by program definition
Click image to enlarge.

5. Use the "Back to Reports List" link in the upper left corner to return to your list of available reports. 

back to reports list link



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