TeacherVUE: Recommendations for Conferences

Created on 10/19/2015
Modified on 09/11/2019
Recommendations for leveraging Synergy when running parent/teacher conferences.

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School Setup

Conferences are a perfect time to remind parents about using ParentVUE as a resource and to iron out any access issues they may may have. We recommend having a station where staff can print activation letters for new ParentVUE accounts or troubleshoot access issues on existing accounts.

  • This article covers how to resolve most of the common ParentVUE issues that parents may encounter.
  • URLs for ParentVUE (note: use https, not plain http)
    • ParentVUE on the web
    • ParentVUE on iOS or Android


Elementary Teachers - Progress Report by report Card Area

Elementary teachers can generate a progress report like the one pictured below. Both the marks and the student name in this example are made up. The article below will open in a new window/tab and walk you through the process.

Grade Book: Printing an Elementary Progress Report by Report Card Area

Sample elementary progress report
Sample elementary progress report for a fictitious student. Click image to view full size in a new window.


Secondary Teachers - Grade Book Progress Reports

1. From the main grade book screen, click on the "Reports" button. 

grade book reports button


2. In the window that opens, select the "Detailed Progress Report" option from the pulldown menu.

grade book reports screen


3. Click the "Run Report" button in the lower right corner. Report will load as a PDF. In addition to the detailed progress report (pictured below) you may want to run the "Student Missing Assignments" report. This report will return a list of all assignments for a student that have the "Mi" (missing) comment code.


secondary progress report.


Viewing Standards Scores - Secondary Teachers

You will use the StudentVUE grade book to view standards scores for a student. This is a great way to expose parents to the ParentVUE resource. Parents with an account (or an activation letter) can access their student's grade book via ParentVUE at During conferences, you can quickly switch from one StudentVUE grade book to another from your seating chart.

1. From your seating chart, click on the middle of a student's picture. Select "StudentVUE from the menu that appears. StudentVUE will open in a new window.

studentvue menu item

2. Click on "Grade Book" and then your class.

grade book in studentvue
Click image to enlarge.

3. Click on the "Standards" link to view overall standards scores for the student. Clicking on a standard will expose the individual assignments that have that standard attached.

studentvue grade book showing standards scores
Click image to enlarge.





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