iPad Web filter tips for home use

Last modified on 08/25/2020

TTSD has our devices pass thru a web filter when accessing web sites from outside of the district, just like when at school. Here are a few tips if you are having a problem accessing the web from outside our school district.



Connect Your iPad to Your Home Network

Have an adult in your house help you connect your iPad to your home wireless network.

Here's how:

1. Open Settings


2.  Choose  Wi-Fi setting.


3. Select your home network from the list of available networks.  Enter the password, if required.

4. Once you are connected to your home wifi, you will need sign into the TTSD Web Filter to access the Internet. (see below)


Sign into Network Filter Authentication

1. Connect to your home wifi. (see above)

2. Click on the TTSD Web Filter icon on your iPad.​

3. This will redirect you to the Network Filter Authentication page.


4. Login with your Google username and password, for example:

  • User:            29smithj           << Not your full email and make sure there are no spaces
  • Password:    ********

5. Click the Submit button.

6. All Done!



If you have a problem, try one or both of the following:
  1. Go to, since it is easy to type. It should redirect you to the Network Filter Authentication.
  2. Restart your iPad and try again.
    ​Hold down the power button on the top of the iPad until you see slide to power off, then slide to the right to power off. After a minute or so, press power button to turn back on.


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