Grade Book: Deleting "Orphaned" Standards

Last modified on 04/03/2020

How to remove standards that are not attached to any assignments from your grade book's "standards" view.

The Problem

Sometimes you may end up with a standard on your grade book's standards view that is not attached to any assignments. This usually happens when you attach a standard to an assignment, but later remove it from the assignment. Even though it is no longer attached to any assignments, the standard will still show up in standards view as well as Parent/StudentVUE.

In the screenshot below, the > by the first standard indicates that it has been attached to one or more assignments. Clicking on the > would show the standards scores students received on those assignments. The second standard, "Organize arguments...," does not have the >. This indicates that this standard is not attached to any assignments. 

grade book in standards mode showing a standard with no associated assignments

The Solution

1. Click on the text of the standard. In the menu that appears, select the (poorly worded) "Delete Assignment" menu item. You are actually removing the standard, as you will see in the confirmation window.

"delete assignment" menu option in standards view

2. Confirm that you want to delete the standard. You are simply deleting it from your main grade book page. The standard will still be available for attaching to other assignments. 

delete standard confirmation

3. The orphaned standard will no longer show up in your grade book or in Parent/StudentVUE until you attach it to an assignment.



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