iTunes: Buying iPad/iPod Apps in Bulk

Last modified on 04/03/2020

Describes the process for bulk quantity (20+) iTunes app purchases. Buying in bulk usually gives the user a 50% discount.

Resource Description

This document outlines the steps for an employee to purchase 20 or more licenses of the same app for their iPads or iPod Touches. You must purchase 20 or more licences to qualify for discounted volume pricing. Most, but not all, apps offer a discount for volume purchases.


iTunes Apps Request Process

  1. Staff member searches for apps on Apple's Volume Purchase Program website.
  2. Staff member enters a Tech Request with:
    1. iTunes Apps desired (please provide the URL - set Step #1)
    2. Quantity of App(s)
    3. Devices (iPad name/s) to be used with (TTSD tag #s would be helpful, or name if a lab)
    4. TTSD account number to be used for purchase
    5. iTunes account (s/b TTSD email) and password
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