Set Up a New TTSD iPad

Last modified on 04/03/2020

How to sign in to an iPad to gain access to the TTSD app catalog. This is also called "enrolling in Jamf."

Staff & Students - Log in to iPad


1. Power on iPad.

2. Select language (English) & Region (United States)

List of languages with English selected    list of regions with united states selected

3. On the "quick start" screen, tap "set up manually"

quick start screen with the mwords configure manually highlighted.

4. Select “TTSD” network

list of available networks with TTSD selected

5. Some status messages will briefly appear on the screen.

"it may take a few minutes to activate your iPad" message

"Retrieving configuration" message


6. On the next screen select "Set Up  as New Ipad"


6. On the "Remote Management screen, tap "Next."


remote management screen with the word next highlighted



7. Log in to Tigard Tualatin SD 23j JAMF- Sign in with your TTSD username and password. Tap "Next"

Username Examples:

  • Students 28engstromd (grad year, last name, first initial. You may have a 1, 2 etc at the end of your username)
  • Staff dengstrom (generally first initial, last name. You may have a 1, 2 etc at the end of your username)

upper right corner of the iPad screen with the word next highlighted

8. Tap “Get Started”, then proceed to tap on settings to enter password for email.

welcome screen with get started highlighted            



9. You are done enrolling! Some apps will automatically download, others can be downloaded through the Self Service app. You will probably see a message about editing the home screen. You can just dismiss it.

  • Elementary students are done at this point but will need to enter their password the first time they open the Mail app.
  • Secondary students will be prompted to enter a passcode for unlocking their iPad. Students should set the passcode to their 6 digit student ID number. 


TTSD Staff Only - Continue Setup

1. Click the Mail app to setup your email and calendar:  If you received “cannot get mail”, click OK.

2. Enter your email password when prompted

3. Set a passcode when Passcode requirement window appears (passCODEs are required on your iPad to protect your Mail - NOTE: you will use this on the lock screen.  A passCODE is different than your TTSD email password)

Your email and calendar events will appear shortly

If prompted, click “OK” to allow these apps to download.  If prompted to login with an Apple ID, click Cancel.

Some Apps (Google Suite: Drive, Sheets, Slides, Docs, Classroom) will automatically be pushed to your iPad



Click the Settings app, Tap the “Apple ID Banner” (found at the very top of the screen - Sign in to your ipad)

Enter your Apple ID (same as your TTSD email =

Enter your Apple ID password (likely different from your ttsd email password)


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