Synergy: Running a perfect attendance list

Last modified on 04/03/2020

How to determine which students in period attendance schools have had perfect attendance.

Go to Synergy SIS > Attendance > Reports Period > List > ATP403 Period Perfect Attendance.

On the options tab:

  1. Choose the date range to and from
  2. Select Unexcused Absence and Excused Absence from your Absence Definition Reason Types
  3. Check all applicable boxes in the Absence Reason section.  Recommended is everything but Excused Tardy, Health Room, School Related and Unexcused Tardy
  4. The tab should look like this when you are done


On the Sort/Output tab:

  1. Change your Output File Type to Excel
  2. Delete the Section ID line from the Sort By area
  3. Hit Print


Your results:

  1. You will get an Excel spreadsheet with much more information than you will need
  2. Delete all columns except columns G - J
  3. If you are looking for perfect attendance over the whole year, you will still need to check the list against enrollment dates

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