OSAS (formerly known as SBAC/OAKS/ELPA) Setup - Best Practices

Last modified on 04/03/2020

OSAS Oregon Statewide Assessment System (formerly SBAC / OAKS / ELPA) Best Practices

Status of secure browsers for OSAS Oregon Statewide Assessment System (formerly SBAC / OAKS / ELPA) testing at TTSD:



  • iPads MUST be running iOS version 11.4, 12.2, 12.3, 12.4, 13.2.2 and higher. Other iOS versions are not supported.

    • To check your iPad iOS version, click Settings -> General -> About -> Software Version.

  • AIRSecureTess app is set to automatically update to the latest version. 

  • ‚ÄčSome keyboards are available at each elementary school. Check with your main office for the current location.

  • Remember to test the headphone during the Practice Test as though taking the real assessment.

  • For ELPA testing: you will need a headphone with a microphone and an audio jack. The recommendation is here.

  • If students deny microphone access initially, you will need to restore access: Settings >> Privacy >> Microphone. Toggle the slider for Air Secure to green.



  • Restart! Restart! Restart the iPad if you run into any issue first.
  • Do a hard reset by press and hold both the Home and Power button.
  • No sound! Please make sure Silent Mode is off. Swipe down from the top right corner of the iPad, click on the Bell icon IF IT IS RED. This does require existing the AIRSecureTest if it is running.
    • Unplug and plug the headphone back in. If the headphone doesn't seem to sit securely when plugging into the iPad, please inform the school technician.
  • The volume is low on the headphone: increase the volume using the headphone volume button if it has one.
  • The microphone doesn't work: allow AirSecureTest app to access the microphone by going to Settings >> Privacy >> Microphone >> toggle the switch to green for the AirSecureTest app.
  • The AirSecureTest app doesn't exist under the Settings >> Privacy >> Microphone: launch the app again and choose an ELPA option. Go through the test preparation where it will ask you to test the headphone and the microphone. 
  • Student name includes the ' character, turn off the Smart Punctuation by going to Settings -> General -> Keyboard.


  • All TTSD Chromebooks are set to use the new AIR Secure app in "Auto-Launch Kiosk app"
  • Students should NOT log into the device - the Air Secure app is available in the lower-left corner.
  • All students should run the Chrome OS update (this should occur automatically, but best to check):
    • Log into the Chromebook.
    • Go to the profile icon (upper right corner), and select "Settings"
    • Click "About Chrome OS"
    • Click "Check for Updates"
    • Restart.
  • Currently, Chrome OS is set to auto-update (versions 78+ have been approved)


** Recommendation (for all devices): Have students complete the practice test USING THE AIR SECURE BROWSER APP. Do not use web browsers like Safari, Chrome, etc. 

Practice Test

NOTE: Only use the AIR Secure Test app on the iPad and plug in the headphone/microphone before starting the practice test

  • Launch the AIRSecureTest app
  • Select Oregon on the drop-down option >> click OK (This step only appears once when launching for the first time )
  • Click Go to the Sample Test Site
  • Click Sign In
  • Select a grade level
  • Select a test option. Scroll down if you don't see your test option. (To test the headphone, please choose the ELA or ELPA options. Other tests don't use the headphone)
  • Click Select on the Choose Settings screen. The testers can choose the different settings to accommodate their needs; however, some settings require IEP approval. Please contact the school testing coordinator if you have questions
  • Click Begin Test Now
  • Click Yes when the Confirm App Self-Lock dialog window appears



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