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Last modified on 04/03/2020

Use the following instructions to access Pearson Successnet to set up classes and assign eTextbooks to your 6th grade students

Setting up Pearson Interactive Science 6th Grade eTextbooks for Students

  1. Managing your eTextbooks (“Products”)
    1. Login to
    2. Use (FULL TTSD email address)
    3. Your Pearson password (Tech Request for help)
    4. Under your name / profile menu (upper right), select “My Account”
    5. Under My Products, scroll to bottom of page and click  “Manage Products”
    6. Select each of the following  “Products” (both student & teacher edition):
      1. Diversity of Life
      2. Cells and Heredity
      3. Forces and Energy
      4. Water and Atmosphere
      5. Human Body Systems
      6. Ecology & Environment
    7. Click “Add selected products to your existing class/group” button
  2. Setting up your Class/es
    1. Click the “Classes” tab
    2. Click “Create a class/group”
    3. Give you class a name, period # and section ID.
    4. Select the books (“products”) you want students to see
    5. Click Save
  3. Add students to your class:
    1. Print Class List from TeacherVue
    2. Under Classes tab, click “View” under the Roster column of the class you just created.
    3. Click “Select from school roster”
    4. Search for Grade = 06
    5. Select your students (from all sections into this one class)
    6. NOTE: “SAVE” before moving to next page



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