Grade Book: Grading Assignments Using Scoring Rubrics

Last modified on 04/03/2020

How to set up and use scoring rubrics in the Synergy grade book.


Updated: March, 2019
Removed statement that drop box has to be enabled for an assignment as this is no longer a requirement. 





The Synergy grade book allows you to set up rubrics and use those rubrics when scoring assignments. The grade book will determine the overall assignment grade based on the rubric scores you select.


Setting Up a Scoring Rubric

1. Go to Grade Book --> Grade Book Setup and click on the Scoring Rubrics button.

grade book setup screen with the scoring rubrics button highlighted

2. Click on the +New button. Fill out your criteria, description and score values. Use the "New Rating" and "New Criteria" buttons as needed to complete your rubric.

Editing a rubric


3. Click Save when done. You will be taken back to the scoring rubrics screen and will see your new rubric. Click anywhere on your rubric to return to edit mode if you need to make changes. 

scoring rubric screen showing newly created rubric


Applying a Rubric to an Assignment

1. On the new assignment screen, complete the usual assignment details, and then select your scoring rubric from the "Rubric" pulldown menu. 

new assignment screen showing the writing rubric selected

2. Optional: Enable the assignment drop box and adjust the details as desired. 

Assignment drop box area of the new assignment screen

3. Save your assignment. If you enabled drop-box, back on your main grade book screen you will see a new drop box icon. The small "3" indicates that there are 3 documents turned in for this assignment. Note: this is a count of documents, not students who have turned in documents. 

main grade book screen with an icon for the new assignment indicating that it is drop box enabled.


How Students Turn in Documents

1. Student logs in to StudentVUE

2. Student opens grade book, your class, and then the assignment.

3. On the assignment screen they will see a new "Digital Drop Box" area listing any documents they have already turned in for this assignment and the date range when uploads will be accepted.

StudentVUE grade book - digital drop box area

4. Student will select the source of the document and click the "Open" button to locate and upload the document.. Currently, only "my computer" is supported, but Google Drive support will eventually be added.


Scoring Assignments Using a Rubric

1. On the main grade book screen, click on the assignment name and select "Assignment Drop Box Grader" from the menu that appears.

grade book assignment menu with drop box grader selected

2. If students have used the drop box to upload their work, it will be displayed on the left side of the drop box grader screen along with a set of annotation tools.. Mousing over the different rubric score areas will show the full text of the description. As you click on rubric scores, the assignment score will dynamically update. You can use the "score" pulldown menu to manually override the calculated score if desired.

drop box grader screen with a "letter grade" assignment being graded
Letter grade assignment score calculated from the writing rubric scores.
Click here for an explanation of this calculation


drop box grader with rubric score type being generated from scoring rubric.
Rubric assignment score calculated from the writing rubric scores.

3. Click "Save and go to Next Ungraded" to continue grading remaining students


Letter Grade Calculation Explained

  • The student scored 11 out of 12 possible rubric points or 91.66..% of the possible rubric points
  • The letter grade score type (pictured below) used for this assignment has a max value of 95.
  • 91.66.. x .95 gives us the 87 "Scaled for Assignment" number. The closest matching letter grade is B

letter grade score type values



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