Mac Imaging Overview

Last modified on 04/03/2020

This article explains the state of Mac imaging in 2016-17 school year. Please check back often as we move to modular imaging and 1:1 student device.


With macOS High Sierra and above, we have two "imaging" options. 

DEP enrollment  - for all macOS computers purchased in 2018 and after (teaching staff MacBook Air and MacBook Pro refresh, and new iMac computer labs)

JAMF Imaging - for shared MacBook Air 13', MacBook Air 11' with 4GB memory, and older iMac 2010

TTOA Imaging (hidden) - for MacBook Air 11' with 2GB memory

JAMF Imaging:

This option is to image shared MacBook Air 13', MacBook Air 11' with 4GB memory, and older iMac 2010

1. Plug in an Ethernet cable (Note: USB and Thunderbolt ethernet adapter requires correct firmware so double-check if you image a MacBook Air)

2. Press Option key on the keyboard

3. Choose JAMF Imaging option


4. Log in with the generic imaging credential. 

5. Launch JAMF Imaging app in the Applications folder

6. Select correct options for your imaging:

  • Select your internal hard drive as the option. It is usually Macintosh HD
  • Check Erase target drive 
  • Name your computer according to the standard: school abbreviation + lab/cart identification + slot # + imaging date. For example: TUHSMcCaf010615, TUHSMcCaf020616, and TUHSMcCaf030617

NOTE: The total MAXIMUM characters is 15 because of AD binding

  • For Configuration, select your option. 
  • Check Boot to target drive after imaging
  • Choose the Distribution Point for your school (secondary school should choose their respective server, elementary schools should choose the CasperFileShare)

7. Click Image to start the imaging process.

The imaging process will have 3 stages: 

  • Downloading the packages and scripts (It'll take about 10-15 minutes depending on the network connection and bandwidth)

  • Install the packages and software (should not take more than 10 minutes during this stage)

  • Download JAMF policies (Many JAMF policies will run upon the first check-in. These policies will get built-out during 2017-18 as users supply more requirements.)


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