User-initiated enrollment for Mac computers into JAMF

Last modified on 04/03/2020

Staff can use this procedure to enroll their MacBook Air and iMac manually into TTSD JAMF management system.


1. Go to JAMF Enrollment Portal using your preferred web browser. Link will open in new browser window/tab so you can refer back to this article.


2. Log in with your TTSD username (eg dengstrom) and password.

3. Once logged in, please type your username (don't need the in the Search box.


4. Click the magnifying glass to search for your record.

5. Click Download when asks to download and install a package.

6. Click Save if it asks you to Save or Run/Keep. If prompted for a password to allow the installation, enter the password you use to LOGIN to your computer.

7. Go through the installation process when the Installation window opens.

8. Once installed successfully, please open your web browser again and click Next. It will download the 2nd package. Install this package as well.

If successful, you will see the Self Service application in your applications folder.

applications folder with self service app highlighted.

9. You may also see a confirmation in the web browser. Close your web browser when done.

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