Netop Vision Chromebook Overview & Training Resources

Last modified on 04/03/2020

Netop Vision Chromebook is a tool for teachers to help manage student devices within their classroom.

Netop Vision for Chromebooks is setup through the IT Department in our Google Admin Control Panel.  The district is currently licensed for all students at high school.  Below is a feature listing, an interactive screen shot to explain the use of the tool bar, a link to a training video and the full User Guide.

Feature List:

  • "Demo" = Screen share (teacher)
  • "View" = Screen view (student)
  • Send a Message
  • Push a Link
  • Attention (lock students screens)
  • Web Filter (restrict students to certain sites) - updated feature in 2019. Check it out here

Interactive NetOp Vision Screen (Teacher Interface):

Hover your mouse over the tool bar items (labeled with Letters: A, B, C, etc.) at the top of the screen image below:


Training Videos:

NetOp official YouTube channel



Full User Guide:



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