StudentVUE: "Activate Account" Prompt on iPad

Last modified on 04/03/2020

What to do if you get a StudentVUE prompt to activate your account.

When you launch StudentVUE for the first time on your iPad, you may get a prompt like the one below that makes it seem like you need an activation key.

StudentVUE app "activation" prompt
Students should tap "No" on this screen.

We do not use activation keys for students, so you should tap "No" and continue to the login screen.


Students can then log in with their TTSD username and password. Usernames are NOT the full email address. (18engstromd, not


If a student accidentally tapped "Yes" instead of "No" on the screen pictured above, they can simply tap "Return to Login" to get back to the login screen.

StudentVUE activate account screen


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