Mass Communication Unsubscribe

Last modified on 04/03/2020

When a parent or staff accidentally unsubscribes from Blackboard

In order to not be classified as spammers all mass email communications tools are required to have an opt-out method included in all emails. For us it looks like the blue unsubscribe button you see on the bottom of this email.

In order for someone to unsubscribe from our communications services they have to actually go through an additional step once they click unsubscribe. We send them to blackboard and make them type their email again.

They then are told that they will no longer receive emails from us any more. 

Then just in case this was an accident they are immediately emailed a link to resubscribe.

If they ignore this email, after going through the steps above to remove themselves and then contact you and ask to receive communications again you can re-enable email communications by going to Blackboard Mass Communications Parentlink and following these 3 easy steps.

  1. Search for them under either Parent, Staff or Teacher depending on their role
  2. Clicking on the correct person. 
  3. Clicking the Red Circle with a line through it next to their email.  This will put up a prompt saying "This address is listed on the Do Not Contact list. Are you sure you want to unblock it?"  Click Unblock then Save and Close.

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