Synergy & TeacherVUE: Can't See Reports

Last modified on 04/03/2020

How to change your browser settings in FireFox and Chrome on the Mac so you can see reports that you run.

Problem Description

You are able to run reports in Synergy or TeacherVUE, but when you run the report the PDF doesn't open. Typically, you may just see a blank screen.


Firefox Solution

Follow the steps below to set downloaded PDFs to open in the "Preview" application on your mac.

1. Open FireFox and go to the "FireFox" menu. Select "Preferences..."

2. In the preferences window, select "Applications".

Firefox applications preference area

3. In the search window, type "PDF" (without the quotes)

4. You will see one or two items listed in the "Content Types" area. In the "Action" area make sure they are set to "Use Preview (default)"

Firefox application preferences - setting PDFs to open in Preview app

5. Optional: If you anticipate exporting reports to Excel frequently, you can repeat step 3 and type "xls" (no quotes) and choose Excel for that file type.


Chrome Solution

1. In Chrome, copy and paste the following link into Chrome's location field chrome://plugins/ and hit the "return" key on your keyboard.

Chrome's location field with plugins URL loaded

2. On the plugins page that loads, make sure the "Always allowed to run" box is checked for the Chrome PDF Viewer.




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