Elementary Grade Book: Working With A Standards Based Grade Book

Last modified on 04/03/2020

How to attach and score standards in your Synergy grade book. How to view students' overall scores for those standards.



Report card marks are calculated from standards scores not assignment scores in the grade book. In addition to entering standards scores, you may want to enter assignment scores so you can track this information, but assignment scores are optional.

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1. Select "New Assignment from the grade book menu and fill out the basic assignment information:

grade book menu with new assignment selected


If you choose to enter assignment scores, select the score type you want to use. Score type cannot be changed after you have entered scores. The "points" field is used at the secondary level to give some assignments more weight than others. Enter "1" here.

Top section of new assignment screen with sample information filled in

2. Select the "Standards Correlations" tab. Here, you will see all of the class standards you brought in to your class when you set up standards mode.

New assignment screen with the standards correlations tab selected.

3. Click once on a standard to attach it to your assignment. If you made a mistake, a second click will de-select the standard.

new assignment screen with a list of class standards. Two standards selected to be attached to the assignment.

4. Optional: If the assignment takes place in Quarter 1 and you want it included in the Quarter 2 report card, click on the "Grading Periods" tab and select the Quarter 2 checkbox.

new assignment screen with the grading periods tab selected. check boxes for quarter 1 and quarter 2 are selected.
As pictured above, this assignment is associated with both quarter 1 and quarter 2 and will be included
in the calculation for the quarter 2 report card.


5. Save your assignment.



1. On your main grade book screen, click on the assignment name (if you are in standards view, switch back to assignment view first) and select "enter scores" from the menu that appears.

grade book assignment menu with enter scores selected

2. On the enter scores screen, click the small > icon to view and score the standards that are attached to the assignment.

score entry screen with > icon highlighted.

3. Elementary standards are scored on a 1-4 rubric. Enter the individual standards scores for the assignment.

  • You have the option of entering an overall assignment score in the first column, but it is not necessary. Only standards scores will feed into the calculated marks for the report card.

Entering standards scores

Rubric Scoring

Standards, with the exception of the "Successful Learner" set, are all scored on a 1-4 rubric. The table below shows the percentage ranges that have been historically used to calculate a 1-4 mark from the grade book to the report card.

Table showing percentage ranges that are used to calculate 1-4 rubric marks for the elementary report card

4. Save your scores.



Viewing Overall Standards Scores

1. On your main grade book screen, make sure you are in "Standards" mode.

buttons on main grade book screen for switching between assignment mode and standards mode. Standards mode is currently selected.

2. By default, you will see the overall standard scores for all standards that you have attached to assignment. You can click on the > next to the standard code to view the individual standard scores that generated the overall score.

  • The overall standard score reflects the score that a student received most often (aka the mode) for that standard. In the example below, the MA.4.G.A.3 standard was attached to three assignments: Week 5 Quiz, Two-dimensional figures and Lines of Symmetry. The student received the following scores: 3, 3, 2 so the mode is 3 which is what the student received as the overall score for that standard.
    •  If a mode is not available for a standard, the standard score from the most recent assignment will be used instead.

main grade book screen in standards mode. Overall standards scores are showing along with the individual scores contributing to one standard.
Main grade book screen in standards mode.

3. If you enter a score in the overall standard score area, this will override any calculated score. After saving, the cell will highlight in green, indicating it is a manually entered score. To restore the calculated score, simply delete your manually entered score.

main grade book screen in standards mode. one cell is highlighted in green indicatin a manually entered score.
Green cells indicate a manually entered overall score.


Scoring Assignments (optional)

1. On your main grade book screen, make sure you are in "Assignment" mode.

buttons on main grade book screen to switch between assignment mode and standards mode. Assignment mode is currently selected.

2. Click on a cell to enter an assignment score for that student. Scores will be red until you save. Note the "Mi" comment code for the student with the missing assignment. You can show or hide comments codes from the Filters & Options area. The yellow highlighting shows the current assignment & student.

main grade book screen showing assignment scores as well as a "Mi" for a missing assignment.

3. Save your scores. 


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