TeacherVUE: Access for Substitute Teachers

Last modified on 04/03/2020

How subs can log in to TeacherVUE, retrieve sub plans if present and take attendance.


This functionality allows short-term (less than 20 days) substitute teachers the ability to log into TeacherVUE and take attendance so that paper lists do not need to be printed and so that office staff does not have to enter the attendance for the substitute. Not all schools use Synergy's sub login feature.


Logging In

  • When checking in with the front office, you will receive a loaner computer for the day.
  • You will log in to the computer using the "Substitute" account which doesn't require a password. Note: if the laptop prompts you for a password after waking from sleep mode, hit the enter/return key.
  • The Google Chrome browser should launch and take you to the Synergy login page. There is a "Substitute Teacher Login" link on this page.
    • Some sub laptops may be set up to load the sub login page directly.

You will receive a "substitute teacher slip" when you check in with the school's front office. This slip will show your teacher assignment as well as your login password.

login name and password fields with a blue login button underneath. Under the login button is a "substitute teacher login" link

sub login screen with pulldown menus for school and teacher and a field to enter the temporary password


  • From there, you will select the school, the teacher you are subbing for (only absent teachers for that day will appear) and enter the daily password you received.

Reading TeacherVUE Sub Notes 

Teachers may or may not choose to leave sub notes for you through TeacherVUE/Synergy. If they do, you will see a small floating window on the right side of your screen that slowly pulses yellow.

small sub instructions window

  • When you click on that box, the box gets bigger and moves to the middle of the screen.

floating window with sub instructions

Taking Attendance

  • Once logged in, you will see the “Attendance” button is highlighted in yellow, indicating that attendance has not been taken for this class yet.
    • Secondary substitutes can take attendance by seating chart or by list
    • Elementary substitutes need to note both AM and PM attendance in the morning and should use the “attendance by list” option

seating chart with the "attendance" area highlighted in yellow

Attendance by Seating Chart

1. Mouse over the "Attendance" button and select "Chart." 

2. Click once on a student picture to mark that student absent. Click a second time to mark them tardy. A third click will clear your marks.

seating chart with (blurred) student pictures showing attendance marks in the lower left corner.

3. Click the green "Save" button when done.


Attendance by List

1. Mouse over the "Attendance" button and select "List."  Cells filled with N/A indicate a non-attendance day. This could be a holiday or a reflection of an A/B schedule at the secondary level.  Elementary Teachers: click the "Both" radio button so you can take both AM & PM attendance at the same time. Tip: Mark PM attendance first so the green down arrow doesn't get in the way.

Table with (blurred) student names and attendance marks for AM & PM. Green "Save" and "Save and return" buttons at the top

2. Click inside the cell to mark attendance. Click once in the cell to mark that student absent. Click a second time to mark them tardy. A third click will clear your marks.  As you mark attendance, student names will appear on the right side of your screen in the "Reason Types" area. After submitting attendance this will change to a summary. 

Elementary teachers, remember to mark both AM and PM attendance information.

attendance summary by reason type. includes tallies for present, absent, and tardy

4. Clicking the green "Save" button will save your attendance and keep you on the attendance screen. Clicking the green "Save & Return" button will save your attendance and return you to your seating chart.

"save" and "save and return" buttons. links for "change class" and "cancel"



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