How to Upgrade Your Mac to macOS Catalina 10.15

Last modified on 04/03/2020

How to update your teacher Mac laptops to macOS 10.15 ("Catalina") on your own. The process takes roughly 1 hour.

TTSD staff can update their Mac computers to the new operating system macOS Catalina 10.15 on your own, using the steps below. Our recommendation is to begin this process before you start a movie, sit down for dinner, go to bed at night, etc... as the download & restart can take your computer ~1 hour.

After upgrading to macOS Catalina, please check:

  • Check your Google Backup and Sync. If your Google Backup & Sync has an exclamation point, you must change the preference to sync the Desktop, Documents, & other folders again.
  • Update your Google & Firefox browser if applicable.
  • Update and test apps that you are using daily. (Example: Adobe apps and their plug-ins)


1. Check to make sure your backups are working

2. Plug your laptop into power

3. Open System Preferences and Software UpdateClick Upgrade Now button next to the macOS Catalina.

4. Click Continue

5. Agree to License

6. Click Install

7. Enter your username and password (username you use to log into your computer and password) when prompted for the Administrator Account

8. RESTART when you get asked. (This can take ~30 min to complete)





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