Student Name Pronunciation in Synergy

Last modified on 04/03/2020

Describes a Synergy feature where you can hear how student names are pronounced. This is available in TeacherVUE as well as the SIS side.


Name Pronunciation

The ParentVUE app lets students or their parents record how the student's name is pronounced. This function is only available through the app and not through the ParentVUE web interface. If a recording is available for a student, teachers will see a small speaker icon below the student picture in the seating chart. SIS users will see the speaker icon next to the student name. Clicking on the speaker icon will play the recording.



TeacherVUE seating mchart with a small speaker icon below the student's picture


SIS Side

student screen with a small speaker icon next to the (blurred out) student name.
The speaker icon would probably display better
against a lighter background...



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