Enterprise Enrollment for Chromebook

Last modified on 04/03/2020

ALL Chromebooks at TTSD must be enterprise enrolled for management.



If your Chromebook does NOT display the Managed by, please inform your school technician.

If this is a new Chromebook, please follow the instruction below to enroll the device into Enterprise Enrollment.



1. Select Let's Go

2. Select TTSD or TTSD-Guest

3. Select Accept and continue

4. Select Accept if you chose TTSD-Guest network

5. Do NOT sign in with your student account

6. Press Ctrl + Alt + E together

7. Enter your school device enrollment Google account (If you don't have this, please ask your school technician or contact Technology)

8. Please enter the Asset tag and Location information. (The asset tag has 5 digits on a red label marked with Property of Tigard Tualatin J23 School District. The location is the school abbreviation) 

9. Select Done!

10. Your login page should have "Managed by"



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