"Restricted Access"

Last modified on 10/27/2020

With TTSD moving to 1:1 for students (each student issued a device), there have been "learning occasions" when students have made choices with their technology devices that need redirection. This article steps staff through the process to move a student's account into a "Restricted Access" mode for a duration of time to help reinforce appropriate use of their technology device.



If/When a student is repeatedly breaking the technology rules set forth in our Students Rights & Responsibility Handbook or by parent request, it's possible to request that their student account/device be placed in a "restricted access" mode to help redirect them towards appropriate behavior.  Below are the steps to set this up for a student:

  1. Teachers in the school/parents communicate to administrator (or designee) behavior issues with student and device.
  2. Administrator works with counselor, dean, learning specialist, etc. on appropriate PBIS response to correct behavior.
  3. As a short term "intervention", a school administrator can place a Tech Request with the student's ID asking for the student to be placed in restricted access.
  4. The school technician will then move the student into the "Restricted Access" group for the pre-determined amount of time.


Restricted Access Includes:

iPads (Grades K-8) :

  • No Air Drop
  • No Camera << ALLOWED NOW (as of 5/1/2020) during Distance Learning
  • No iMessage/Messaging
  • No YouTube/YouTube TV/YouTube Music


Chromebooks & iPads (Grades K-12):

  • Limited Internet access.  Removal of the following sites and/or categories:
    • Block Chat/Chat Extended
    • Block Entertainment
    • Block Gambling
    • Block Games category
    • Block Hate Speech
    • Block Peer to Peer
    • Block Remote Login
    • Block Shopping/Auction
    • Block Streaming Internet Radio 
    • Block Streaming Media including YouTube
    • Block VoIP
    • Curfew imposed from 11pm-6am

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