Google Classroom Integration: Current Status

Last modified on 04/06/2020

The Google Classroom integration feature was disabled November/December due to an issue. This page provides background information and status updates.



On Monday, November 11th, Google made a change to how third parties like the Synergy grade book communicate with Google Classroom. This change, which came without advance notice from Google, caused a critical bug that prevented all teachers from logging in to TeacherVUE. To restore access to TeacherVUE, CTA (our Synergy hosts at the ESD) had to disable the integration feature completely.

We posted the Synergy login announcement to the right on November 12th.

Current Status

Thursday, December 12
Google classroom integration will be re-enabled on Friday evening, December 20th!

Please review our recommendations below on how to get sync up and running again without creating duplicate assignments.


November 12th Synergy Login Announcement

TeacherVUE Access

November 12, 9:30AM
All users should be able to access TeacherVUE consistently now. Google recently made a change that caused intermittent errors when accessing TeacherVUE.

CTA (our Synergy host at the ESD) has disabled the Google Classroom integration feature to restore access while they work with Edupoint to resolve the underlying issue.

We will post another login announcement here and on our knowledgebase homepage when we have additional information.

Monday, December 9
Google Classroom integration is still disabled. We have been working with CTA to verify that Google sync works properly and our tests last week went well. That said, CTA has a checklist of more than 200 other items that they test with each release to make sure it works properly.

CTA tentatively plans on installing the update on Monday, December 23rd. Date moved up to Friday, December 20th.

Monday, December 2
Google Classroom integration is still disabled. Edupoint just released an update to resolve the issue. CTA needs to thoroughly test this update to ensure it doesn't introduce new issues. No ETA, but testing typically takes at least two weeks.

Thursday, November 28
Google Classroom integration is still disabled. We just received notice from Edupoint that the patch to address this issue has been delayed until next week (December 2-6). We will update this article when the patch has been released.

Friday, November 22
Google Classroom integration is still disabled. Edupoint is expected to release a patch next week to address the issue. Every patch has to go through a rigorous testing process to make sure it doesn't introduce new issues. CTA will test this patch as soon as it is available. Testing typically takes 2-3 weeks. We will post another Synergy login announcement when the patch has been installed and Google sync is available again. 


While Google Sync is Disabled

While Google sync is disabled, we recommend that you manually recreate your Google Classroom assignments & scores in the Synergy grade book. When Google sync is restored all Google Classroom assignments from that date forward will sync to the Synergy grade book.

When Google Sync is Available Again

Once the patch is installed on the evening of December 20th, the "Sync Google Assignments From" date will be set to December 20th for everyone to prevent duplicate assignments from being created.

  • Synergy assignments with a due date on or after December 20th will sync to Google Classroom. You can adjust your Synergy assignment dates to work around this. (instructions below)
  • Google Classroom assignments due on or after December 20th will sync to Synergy. Although the "Sync Google Assignments From" date will be set to December 20th, you can change this as described below.

Please read all of the notes below to make sure you get set up correctly and avoid duplicated assignments.

1. If the Google "G" is grey grey Google "G" when it shows up again, you will need to click on it and grant access again. (full instructions) If granting access, you will see one of the two screens below. If the "G" is still colored in colored Google "G" you can skip this step.

"synergy grade book would like to..." message 
You won't see my ugly mug, but you may see an updated Synergy logo!

" want to access...." message
You might see something like this instead. Cascade Tech hosts our Synergy.
It is still safe to allow access.


2. Go to Grade Book → Grade Book Setup and click the "Class Settings" button. Edit each class you want to sync and make sure Google Classroom is enabled.

3. What you do in this step depends on what you have been doing with assignments while Google sync has been disabled. Google sync was disabled November 12th through December 20th.

  • If you have been manually creating your Google Classroom assignments in the Synergy grade book, leave the "Sync Google Assignments From" date set to December 20th to avoid getting duplicate assignments.
  • If you haven't manually created any of your Google Classroom assignments in Synergy, you can enter November 12th as the "Sync Google Assignments From" date to bring in the Google Classroom assignments that don't exist in Synergy yet.
    • If, after syncing, you notice your Synergy grade book is missing Google assignments from before November 12th, you can return to this screen later and move the date farther back.
  • Note: You cannot set the "Sync Google Assignments From" date in the future. If you are not ready to re-establish syncing yet, toggle "Google Classroom" to "Disabled," save your changes, and come back to these instructions when you are ready.

4. At the top of the screen, hit the green "Save" button to save your settings.

5. To give everyone time to adjust their settings, CTA has un-checked the "Session Auto Sync" setting for all users. Go to the grade book for one of your sync enabled classes and do a manual sync to make sure you get the assignments you expect and don't get unwanted duplicates. Repeat steps 2 & 3 and adjust your sync dates if necessary.

sync from Google button

6. If everything looks good, click the colored Google "G" icon and then the gear icon in the lower left corner to open your sync settings. Check the "Session Auto Sync" checkbox. (full instructions)

7. Done!

If you run into any issues, please do a tech request. Be sure to put it in the Synergy queue (not the Google queue) for the quickest response.


Wait a Second! What About My Synergy Assignments That are Missing From Google Classroom?

The sync process will only sync assignments created in Synergy if they are due on the current date or a date in the future. That said, you can "cook the books" so to speak, to get them to sync.

1. Note the due dates of your Synergy created assignments that you want to sync. The easiest way to do this is to run the "Detailed Progress Report" for a student in each class, making sure that the "Show Due Date" box is checked. You can uncheck all the other boxes.

2. Go to the Grade Book ⇾ Assignments screen. Change the due date on all the "missing from Google Classroom" assignments to the current date. Save your changes.

3. Return to your main grade book screen and do a manual "Sync From Google" as described above.

4. After verifying that the assignments are showing up in Google Classroom, repeat step 2 and adjust the dates back to their originals using the Detailed Progress Report as a reference. Now that Google has established a sync with those assignments, it will continue to sync even after you change the dates back to their originals.




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