Google Chrome (79) experimental flags

Last modified on 04/03/2020

Google Chrome 79 brings experimental flag features such as Tab Freeze and Tab Preview. This article shows you how to enable them.

NOTE: these features are available in Google Chrome 79 and above. Please make sure to update Chrome first. 

Tab Freeze: Google Chrome is known to use up CPU and RAM memory as you open more tabs. This feature will reduce its processing power consumption and battery consumption.


1. Enter chrome://flags in the URL address 

2. Search for Tab Freeze

3. Select the option that applies to you. 


4. Restart your Google Chrome web browser

Tab Hover Card: this feature will display a preview for the opening tabs when the user hovers the mouse cursor over

1. Search for Tab Hover Cards and Tab Hover Card Images

2. Enable these flags

3. Restart your Google Chrome web browser


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